Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Pick

egads...sorry to have let the blog slip a bit! i've been busily working on one thing or another and before you know it time flies by! where exactly all the time goes seems to be a bit of a mystery as when i think back i draw a bit of a blank...haha. then i try to think of what exactly i have accomplished and again it's like staring inot a black hole...ugh! okay, well, i have been working on one thing or another and so to bring it back to the point...sorry for neglecting my friendlies :)

anyways, so today i was both disgusted and appalled to be sitting at a stoplight, and turning to my right only to bear witness to one of the cardinal sins of driving: picking your schnoz! this old lady was really going after it (think at least second knuckle!) and it wasn't a quick pick either. she was swirling the digit around for quite some time, and the grossest thing was her geriatric hubby was sitting passenger side eating ice cream! well, i for one would have lost my appetite, but apparently he had lost no such zeal and kept licking away! i actually was staring at her with a disgusted look, hoping she would turn to me and then i could just gawk to let her know i bear witness to her little deed! but no luck, light turns green and life moves forward!

and so we all must forge onward and upward (hopefully not upward into your nasal passages, however!) and onto the next day! hope u are all enjoying ur weekend and toting ur faithful tissues shall the mood strike u for a pick! :)

Monday, September 14, 2009

The Bane of a Non-Marathon Runner

It seems that every time I meet someone who is not a fellow runner, and they found out that I am, I am inevitably faced with the same question eagerly spouted from them: "Do you run marathons?"

Although I generally anticipate the question (just as I've accepted there are still people out there who find it hilarious to shout out 'run, Forrest, run' despite the fact that line is so outdated and obnoxious) I still feel the hairs on the back of my neck prickle and a wave of annoyance comes over me as I reply, "No." Their faces instantly drop into a look of first disappointment and then something akin to pity. I can almost hear what they are thinking, "Oh, the poor dear thinks she's a runner." But what comes out of their mouths once they get over their initial disappointment is something more like, "Well, maybe one day." At that point, I do my best to politely edge away, as not only am I annoyed, and have stopped from even trying to explain that just because I haven't run a marathon doesn't instantly disqualify me as being a runner, as they never quite understand despite enthusiastically nodding their heads in agreement. No, no matter what I say at that point, they will never be convinced of my runner status.

As this happened yet again on my run the other day, as I'm doing my usual thing and passing an elderly couple walking the opposite direction, she shouts out in a thin old woman voice, "Are you training for a marathon?" I quickly replied no and kept on going, but I saw both her and her husbands do the usual drop and they looked at me almost with pity. It doesn't matter that I still run every day, or how many intervals I pound out a week, or whatever my weekly mileage total happens to be; to them, because I don't have my sights set on that magical 26.2 miles, I'm just some impostor.

I understand that the marathon is an a great event, and I do hope to do one one day, (but not in the imminent future) it seems because it has been picked out by the likes of Oprah, Katie Holmes, and a plethora of other celebs who cite themselves as having 'been there, done that' the event has taken on a more of a status symbol. The attitude that people who have done them, regardless of their finishing time, are vastly superior than any jolly jogger who hasn't. I heard a few coworkers one time congratulating one of the girls who had finished her marathon in about 4:10 (which was awesome for her, no discredit!) and subsequently relishing her with accolades, presents, and the like. Now, on the same day, a different woman who frequented the gym I was working at usually everyday, if not twice, had earned a bronze medal from the World Championships in the 10k. However, she was given not even the littlest congrats from any of the others, because it was after all, only 6 miles, not the 26.2 the other girl had done. In their minds, anything compared to finishing a marathon was second rate.

It seems that in the culture outside of the running community, if you're not a marathon runner, you're no runner at all, and that is a tad annoying. They have no concept of the speed vs. distance relation. The 5 hour marathon finished would rank above the sub 4 min. miler simply because a mile is so short and anyone can run four laps around a track? Well, I know it's petty, but I still find it ridiculous that I feel the need to have to explain myself to those people. I fight back the urge to rattle off the fact that, no I'm not training for Boston, but I'm hoping to run such and such for the 10k or 5k; I'm not running a marathon but I just finished such and such track workout, and I've hit X number of miles this week, okay!

Alas, they will never understand. Yet, thankfully among the 'true' runners, we don't look down our noses at those racing the 5's and 10's and appreciate the PR's that come there. We know that attaining competitive times in those events (and others) takes just as much work and dedication as the marathon, but in different ways. And even if you're not training for a certain event per se, but just running for the fun of it, who can still be a member! So, the next time I get that inevitable question, I'll let my irritation rise, but I'll keep it mute and simply hold my head high and proudly state, "NO!"


Friday, September 4, 2009

New Blog For My Poor @** :)

hello again! well, let's see wat's going down in this sida town :P okay, well, i'm going to go out on a limb here and maybe peg myself as a complete DORK...but those of u who know me, prolly have already figured that out! haha. So, i light of these dark economic times, i've been dabbling in random stuff online and actually found a couple of cool little sites that will pay u (not a TON of money by any means, but it adds up..haha) for doing certain little things. like u can fill out quizzes, or just view ads and click thru them. so, i actually set up a little blog devoted just to what i'm doing on there. now, i only started the blog yesterday, so it's not all 'nice and purdy' yet, but feel free to check it out, maybe u can find some spare change dropped in ur paypal acct. too :) the stuff actually does pay out, and so, if ur bored online, something to do...but here's my blog there:

Girl Needs Cash

as for the life of this chick, did a track workout today, and these stupid gnats kept flying in my eyes, mouth, nose, etc. and it was annoying...haha. well, not as annoying as the burning in my legs, so maybe it was a nice distraction!! :)

okay, and for some GOOD news, lord knows i need some of that, got 2 replies from people i emailed from CL postings for writers they were seeking for random stuff. now, this is nothing to pump the fists about yet, cuz i get the replies before but they end up picking someone else of bail out. but, i need a pick-me-up today, so i'm gonna be a little happy...okay?!?! hehe.

okay, well i'm off to work on some stuff...take care friends!!