Monday, June 29, 2009

Hitting Those Mean Employment Streets

hola and welcome back if ur still reading :) well, so let's i have been loath to get out there hitting those mean streets again submitting resume after resume only to be rejected by the usual, "sorry, we're not hiring", i've been doing some writing and researching how to possibly do some free-lance writing stuff...unfortunately, i'm a bit overwhelmed with all the stuff i've been reading and wish i had someone to actually TALK to and help me navigate! if anyone has any insight/tips/etc. it would be MUCH appreciated! however, i had promised myself that by Monday i'd start taking a cold hard look at the beautiful world that is getting employed! ugh...last time it was literally 6 weeks of going out to practically anywhere i thought i could get hired, phone calls, resume filling out til my hand could fill out my stat's on autopilot!! the end resulted in aimless driving around in search of possibilities that may appear on the road. got some really good ones that way...haha. stepped into one Mexican restaurant that was prolly just family owned and felt a bit ridiculous since the most Spanish i used thru high school was, "no se." then the Indian restaurant that the guy couldn't even understand what i was saying when i asked if they were hiring, took me about three times trying to explain what i was asking and i was not in fact, looking for a table. my personal favorite was the manager at the restaurant, when i handed him the application and asked if they were hiring he laughed, "oh no, not now, we are having a tough time in this market as it is. i'll be it's really tough to find a job out there today. god, i sure am glad i don't have to worry about that!" HAHAHA. ummm, that was nice, sir, and i responded, "well, thanks, throw a little salt in the wound, man." i guess he kinda felt bad, cuz he mumbled some sort of apology along with saying he'd give me a call back if something popped up. uhhh, yea, and of course nothing did. i really do feel bad for all those unemployed people out there, i can only imagine how stressful it would be if i had to support a family. i heard that in Las Vegas they are having full-on stripper conventions just to 'school' all these women who are turning to the industry to keep food on the tables for their kids. unfortunately for me, i don't think a negative AA bra would be much of a draw in that regard! hehe. in the news, they are saying that starting your own business really is the way to go, but i'm not exactly sure what kinda business they would be talking about. i mean, selling things would def. be hard in these tight times, and i can't really think of what kind of service would be really successful. i just ran into a old co-worker who is finishing a class and will be starting a welding business. i wonder how successful that could be?? he was saying that it's just better to be reliant on urself and not worrying about someone above u being an idiot and causing business to tank and go under...hmm, i could relate to that!!
oh, well, i guess with my current situation, i'm gonna be getting my tired butt back out there begging and pleading for a maybe i'll get lucky, or at least not laughed at when i ask for an application! haha!!
Spunkychick out!

PS--i know that with all of the recent deaths in Hollywood, Micheal Jackson has stolen most of the spotlight from the others. i'm sure of course u are aware of the sad loss of Farrah as well, she has at least gotten a share of tributes...but the real tragedy goes to Billy Mays! no longer will his presence be gracing those wee morning hours of infomercial haven, hawking 24 hour energy, or shouting his products at the top of his lungs. for this reason may we hold our Oxi-Clean just a bit closer to our hearts. (ok, i know he wasn't the one who sold Shamwow, but i figured it kinda fit in the general genre, so that's the reason for the lil cartoon up top. of course the Shamwow guy has his own problems to deal with! hehe)

Friday, June 26, 2009

C'mon People, Let's Make a Change...

Hello again...soooo, i got a bee up my butt today and was reminded of a certain topic that hits a topic i feel pretty strongly about. that is how crazy the way the US is about this whole obesity/lazy/looking for a short-cut attitude and just the general disconnect that's been sorta created thru all the latest technology stuff. i didn't really expect to come up with a little rant so long, but just sat down and started typing, and this is what came out. it's a little opinion piece, and just sorta thought i'd add it.

In a culture centered around technology, computers, and advancement, we are leading the way in improving communications, reducing time spend idly waiting for responses before taking action, and seemingly pushing the boundaries of virtually all perceived limitations. Today it is no longer the self justified ‘important’ people in the world of upper end business seen strolling the streets with a cell phone earpiece imbedded in their ear and busily chatting away. Only a few years ago the site of a person walking down the street mumbling to oneself would cause any fellow passerby’s to walk a little wider and avoid this obviously crazy person talking to himself; yet today we can generally and safely assume that they are simply engrossed in a conversation with someone that is in fact real and on the other line.

Blackberries, iPhones, and the like have become almost permanent extensions of many people’s arms, and I challenge anyone to enter one of the multiple Starbucks or corner coffee shops, wait in line for a drink, and not hear at least five different ring tones in that interval. Along with our fast paced world, where we must constantly strive to cram in as much as humanly possible in our mere 24 hour days, it seems that we are forever on the lookout for any aide or crutch to help us keep pace. Guzzling espresso after espresso, venti, late, or whatever (the drinks some people rattle off could almost qualify as a new Frapachino-injected language), taking hits off of energy drinks that claim to give you a lift for hours after only four small drops, miracle pills that will shed flab and grant you that Adonis-like body without having to actually commit any time in the gym and allow you to never miss a beat in your busy life, it seems that while Americans have no problem pushing themselves to accomplish things to further their economic profits, repertoire, or resume, they are always on the look-out for the quick-fix or easy way out of everything else.

Things that used to bring enjoyment, walks with the family after dinner, preparing delicious meals at home, or going out for a bike ride just for the pleasure and endorphin rush it brings, are being replaced by rushed car rides to the nearest drive-thru, hopping from one meeting or activity to the next until finally at night, when we drag ourselves dog-tired and ragged to the seat in front of the television, at which point we delude our minds with the often ridiculous, if not embarrassingly moronic line-up of reality shows in an effort to ‘relax’ and take our minds off of our own worries, problems, or troubles that ultimately wait for us the next day. It’s almost as if we are on a revolving hamster wheel that reaches warp speed all day, and the only respite comes when the little magic LCD Plasma screen digitally brings us our HDTV.

It’s no wonder that while, yes we have accomplished so many wonderful things, developments from science that should have belonged only in Sci-Fi novels, cured a plethora of diseases, and explored space’s outer limits, we have digressed socially, environmentally, and let the general upkeep and care of our bodies decline. We look up to, admire, and hope to emulate great thinkers, politicians, movie stars and the like, yet usually disregard anything they do outside of their select area of expertise. We excuse often appalling behavior, as long as they continue to produce, ‘do their thing’, play their game, or make their millions. It’s okay for said ‘role models’ to participate in things illegal for any other common member of society, as long as they either don’t get caught, apologize for their mistake and tell us how they’ve learned their lesson, or offer up one plausible alibi after the other and save face.

Having children left at home to spend hours becoming fixtures to the couch or computer consols is perfectly acceptable: neglecting any physical activity, face to face human contact (that’s what social media sites are for after all!), gorging on day-glo colored snacks. We then appear dumb-struck and perplexed at the soaring obesity rates, soaring heart related health problem statistics, and pledge to find the roots to these problems; looking of course to the easiest possible remedies in fabled pills or magic patches. We fail to acknowledge, or perhaps simply refuse to recognize, the most blatantly obvious reasons glaring us in the face. Yet, once the information, suggestions, and common sense guidelines are issued forth to the public, they often go ignored or viewed as too inconvenient to do anything about. Many simply just don’t want to put in the effort to correct most of these problems, see that it’s too much work or too hard, and would rather concentrate on the truly important things such as finding out who will be voted off the next episode of a show, updating their blog, or earning that extra dollar.

However, what will any of that really be worth, if we continue down this path and either die of cardiac arrest, have no ‘time’ for actual friendships or relationships, and have the only contact with our kids be via text message? We can view other less technically evolved cultures as lesser, unrefined, or ignorant, yet some of them are much richer than us, just not in monetary value. They may not have cured cancer but they have a strong family and community unit of which to share their lives. They may not be able to instantly send an email or twitter a message to someone, but they can simply walk out their door and pay a visit to that person to their face. They may not be able to have a pizza delivered in under 30 minutes while being able to finish up that last bit of work without having to worry about dinner, but they can make a meal the ‘old fashioned way’, have the pleasure of sitting down and engaging in a conversation with their family, and nourishing their bodies with foods you don’t need a dictionary to decipher all of the ingredients in it.

While there are some things that are invaluable and truly epic that have been generated out of our ever-expanding culture and remarkable technology, we have lost many littler things along the way. Hopefully, we can turn things around or simply begin to find a balance, and apply the same avid work ethic driving business and science and channeling it into improving our selves, lifestyles, and habits as well. The problems ailing us today are of course a combination of things only research and further knowledge can cure, but a portion of heart related afflictions, basic general health and fitness, crime rates, depression rates, homicides, suicides, and simply a slip in positive enriching relationships can be solved with the end of seeking those ‘quick fixes’ and actually carving out the time in our days and lives to make the positive changes. Yes, at times it may seem like too much work, a bother, or not worth it, but in the end the rewards will come and ultimately make for a better person, community, society, and country.

okay, so i guess, i just think it's sorta scary/sad how kids are getting so lazy and people act so dumbfounded as to why things are getting so bad. newho, hope i didn't annoy anyone, but newayz...i think i'll just start posting some stuff i've been writing lately; got a couple poems i'm working on and other little opinion stuff. hope u'll come back!

take care guys and hope u all have jobs!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bankrupt? Fired? What, r u kidding me?!?!

ARRRGGG!! so, as much as i detested and complained about my little sandwich shop gig, i'm PISSED to announce, that now i am currently...dun da daaaaaaaa...UNEMPLOYED!!!! okay, so the managers calls this staff meeting on sunday morning, and we all figure it is going to be about the little twirp who has been annoying the crap out of everyone. bossing me around, taking FOREVER to make sandwiches and holding up the line, annoying customers, etc....and we are all blown away when he starts, "first i wanted to say that this is the best crew i've had and wanted to thank you all for your incredible work. well, unfortunately, that's where the good news ends. as of this wednesday, we are going to be closing the store." WTF?!?!? and i'm thinking, wednesday in like three days?? and yes, i was thank you for the freaking head's up....NOT! so, now i have one more day of work (i didn't even want to show up at all, but i feel bad jilting my co workers) and then i'm cut loose to go roam the streets once again to look for a job. mind you, it took me 6 weeks to even get that damn Quizno's job, as no one is hiring right now. plus, with summer underway, there are tons of students who just got jobs and so there arent' even going to be those openings that might have been available....ugh. i'm stressing out, and have no clue as to what i'm going to do. i guess it just goes to show that u should be thankful for anything you do have, in the way of a job.

well, i guess that will give me plenty of time to work on my art and writing, but i know that is by no means a source of income for me as i have yet to even start traveling down a road to getting any type of income that way. i mean, i'm not that good at the art, not nearly enough to be an 'artist' and have yet to be published, so i'm stressing as to how the heck i'm gonna get any money!! yipes!! as far as getting my story to publishers, i know that's crazy hard to do without an agent (of course i don't have) and looking at the steps online, i'm a bit overwhelmed and defeated, as it is like a slim to none chance of breaking in without any connections, same goes for art world. i just don't know what i want to do with my life, i do want to try to do something that would make me happy, but don't know where to start...ugh again.

well, so i guess this will be short, as i have really nothing fun to report, and am stressed. my best wishes to all u out there in the cyberworld that are also without job and freaking, and for those of u that do have one, be grateful, even if it is a shitty situation!

Moneyless Spunkygirl

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Beware of Creepers!

Welcome back, friends. so today, was my only day off this week, so i had a beautiful time running all the errands i needed to get done for the week...nothing like a good winco and costco run to make a day complete, rite!?!? hehe. well, gosh, i swear i don't know where all the time goes, cuz here it is like 6 pm and what have i really accomplished all day?? well, i did start writing this new idea i have for a fiction story, so that's cool, and i got some art supplies...and here are some pix of some of my other stuff. trolling around on the internet killed some time, and checking up on some running related stuff, and of course feeding my little facebook addiction...haha. quite interesting, i know.

lets see, so i actually found this link for a story in the paper,, and am really contemplating testing this sucker out. i mean, i'm kinda leary of all those stupid get rich quick claims, but this is in the national media, and google isn't some little po-dunk company, but again, i don't wanna just be an idiot and wind up falling sucker to some scam. has anyone tried this one?? i'm not gonna lie, it would be freakin SWEET to work from the comp. and be able to quit the Quizzy job...well, we'll see.

not anything really new in the world, but i will mention that there is a funny little world here in my apartment complexes...and we have some definite characters. there is the lady who has this blue VW van and fills the whole back portion of it with these catci. then, she always parks the damn car in the same spot, pops the trunk portion out, and suns her little 'pets' and even sets them all arranged in some certain order in the parking lot around her spot. she even has names for them all, and has been seen talking to them. once, i parked my car a few spots down from hers, and she gave me the evilest look as i passed by, making sure i didn't get too close to her babies and kept a good amount of distance away.

then, there is my personal favorite creeper that is the old senile man that wanders the hall in a suit and hat, the same suit, mittens, and hat mind you, every single day. when he's not aimlessly roaming around, he'll sit in the laundry room, or stand sentry-style at the doorway to the complex, just staring out at the parking lot, or some unknown space beyond. i'm not adverse to people doing their own thing and couldn't care less, except he's done a few weird things to kinda just send off a creepy vibe. he's a real close talked and every time i walk by, has to say my name in a shaky and crackly voice, and add a throughout chuckle. he used to kinda stalk me, but since he once pulled out a picture book bible and pointed out the picture of one of the angels that he thinks i look like, i've tried harder to kinda keep a distance, or not really engage in conversations. then there was the nite i went to pick up my laundry at like 11pm, and as i'm walking down the hall, i hear the water running in the room. nothing too unusual there, but when i get in, i see him hunched over the sink using a white plastic spoon to ladle water into his mouth. when he noticed me, he just said hi in his weird way, and sat down in his chair, resumed reading a book, and acted like nothing was askew. it does make me feel kinda sad on a level, because he's lonely, but he is sorta scary. i just really hope in my old age, i don't end up alone and does make you think, and it actually scares me. i wonder what his life has been and what has lead him to this outcome, and if he has any family or whatnot.

okay, well, enough rambling, and nothing really new to report, so i guess i'm off to get some grubbage!! take care and beware of laundry room lurkers in the nite!!

Spunkychick out!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cat Barf Should be Immediatly Picked up Please :)

Well hello my possibly existing audience...and if you have returned i thank and greet u warmly :) well, haven't been up to too much since my last post, but mostly just working and doing some art. i'm excited i finished my latest painting and had fun doing it. i'll add some of my other stuff later.

i guess wat's mostly been bugging me lately is this one co-worker who exemplifies one such personality trait that DRIVES ME CRAZY! he constantly has to offer his opinion on anything and everything and he knows the 'best' way to do everything and is a certified expert on all that goes on within our world. he totally reminds me of my uncle...constantly having to remind everyone around of his extensive knowlege on everything from cars to menstral cycles! (i kid u not, my uncle even boasts to know the best tampons!) he's touted his mastering of the bbq craft, but many a times i've had to pretend to go back for seconds and actually chuck the chicken that usualy ranges from chewy and pink to charred and un-chewable! i don't get why these people feel the need to correct everyone around them on stupid, pointless things, just for the sake of showing they know more, or always adding their 'two cents' to every conversation. i hate when they just butt in when they really don't have anything to offer, but just need to be the center of attention and interject.

well, jumping topics, but it brings this funny memory to mind that i find both hilarious and disgusting. so the uncle i was talking about, i had stayed with him and my aunt for a few weeks as a house guest, which was very sweet of them to offer. i really appreciated the roof, but my GOD they are both crazy in neurotic ways, and both so incredibly boring and dull, it actually became sad. they honestly talked of their respective jobs, and that was basically the highlights of their lives. except of course this stupid car my uncle was rebuilding and obsessed with. the good thing was at least between work and toiling in the garage and freakish hours, i didn't have to deal with him constantly dictating to me his encyclopedia of knowledge. anyway, to get back to the point, they have three cats. i luv animals, so no problem there, but for some reason these cats are always puking on the carpet or shitting outside the litter box, with was just gross. well, i'm not gonna lie, puke grosses me out, and i HATE cleaning it up. anyways, my aunt and uncle live in this really nice 2 story house (which my uncle is soooo proud of and literally likes to brag on all the custom shit he put into it and such) and is kept really clean. of course, i was enlisted with some 'tidying' chores and what not to do to repay for letting me stay there, which i had no problem doing to help, as i said, it was sweet of them to house me...but i draw the line at cat puke. so, one day i see this nice pile of yak in the hallway at the top of the stairs directly in front of the entrance to their bedroom. when i notice it, i just pretended not to see it, and since it's like literally in their doorway, i figure they will obviously pick it up. so i go to bed after passing it, and the next morning when i wake up to go downstairs after they'd already left for work, i see that nice little red crusty puke still there. gross, and i KNOW there is no way they could have not seen it, but i think maybe they were in a hurry or whatnot. okay, day goes by, i go to bed, puke still there. day 3, it's still hanging out, encrusted in the carpet, and i notice that when i go to bed that nite, one of the cats must have been playing with it, because chunks of regurgitation have made their way to a few steps at the end of the hall. at this point, i find this a bit funny, and wonder just how long this puke will stay here. Day 4, cats have not spread the chunks to three different steps and the initial puke is spreading out. Day 6, that nite i hear my uncle yell to my aunt, "hey, one of the cats barfed, why didn't u clean it up." (he says it like he just noticed this shit, but that's such a freaking lie...he's so lazy and always bossing my aunt around, which pisses me off, but makes me have no respect for my aunt who just lets herself be a doormat!) at this point i assume the mess must be cleaned up soon. is not until the next nite the crap is little experiment in watching the sloth of this man sidestep this nasty chore has concluded, and my hypothesis of his being a lazy ass confirmed. okay, well, i know there is not much point to the story, except it blew my mind how they are so meticulous in certain cleaning tasks, but don't mind sidestepping puke for a week...hmmmm, watever.

well, i guess that's it for me tonite, hope u enjoyed my little anecdote, and i hope u will return. i just like finding weird humor in regular situations and find a bit of amusement in the way people act, think, or react to situations, myself included, so i guess that's why i tell certain stories. okay, i'm out to get some food...nite nite!


Thursday, June 11, 2009

A day in the Life


Well, if you are reading this, I thank you and extend my hand in friendship...haha. Okay, so i'm not really sure what direction I will be taking this blog, but I thought I'd throw my crazy thoughts, ideas, and experiences into cyberspace and hopefully if nothing else provide a little entertainment to whoever ends up reading.

I guess we can start with a little background info...I absolutely luv to run and do art and read a lot. I've got a variety of interests, and I'm sure more will pop up as I continue this little on-going 'project'. I've got the coolest younger sibs (2 bro's and a sis) who rock and continually amaze me in every way. Right now my days generally consist of being a slave to one Quizno's Subs, and I serve up those torepedo's with the best of them. (yes, they are toasty, but in all honesty I'm more of a Subway fan myself) I actually only started working there about 2 months ago, and after having to leave my last job, fell head-long into the wonderful world of food service. I honestly can't believe how rude or just plain inconsiderate people can be, and sometimes think to myself, "is this person for real!" You gotta love those customers that eat practically all their sandwhich, then want a refund because us idiots made such a sub-standard meal...god forbid in this current economy someone not get absolutely EVERY CENT worth of the $4 thing they ordered, they better have had a life-fullfilling meal served to forgets that it is only casual/fast-food they came into, not a cafe in makes me laugh after the initial pissed-offness wears off. but hey, it does add some fun entertainment to an otherwise mundane day.

My day starts off with my regular run (i've been a weenie lately and been sticking to the Treadmill. i'm a wee bit anal as to knowing exactly how far and at what pace i'm going, so i like being able to control that...hehe) and catching up on the latest world going-on's with our good Today Show friends in Matt, Al, Meradith and posse. I'm not too good at keeping up on current events or reading the paper, so in an effort to not be completely ignorant of what's happening in the country or around the world this is my attempt to keep somewhat up to date, and the show does add the usual 'fluff' to keep things interesting (i would never be able to stick to something as hard core newsy as CNN and the like) and I do get a dose of 'celebrity sleeze' every now and then. (yes, i'm an admitted trashy mag addict!)

Well, when that's all done, I am usually rushing around, with the whole shower thing and throwing down my bowl of cereal, then off to my lovely Quizno's. After too many hours go by I'm released...but i'll add in more fun stories and such later. Luckily my co-workers are pretty cool on the whole (minus the 66 year-old chick i like to refer to as the Quizno Nazi, as she has to have EVERYTHING her way...and speaks a mile a minute with this thick accent which i can never understand). Get home, make sure by awesome cat has his food bowl full, then wind up wasting the rest of the day either reading, watching some tv, or losing astounding amounts of minutes aimlessly online. (i swear there must be some kind of facebook time warp where time passes much faster than in the real world!)

Okay, well, i know, this has all been soooo exciting, but i promise later posts should continue to delight and entertain more, i'm just starting after all! Just wanted to give a little background for future referances i suppose. i'm gonna try to post up some of my art stuff and writing escapades as well, so maybe i can get some feedback and definitly check back people! I've got TONS of crazy stories and whatnot, as if i may say so myself I've packed a lot of crazy skrewed up funny stuff into my mere 23 years on this big round more later!

Until then, respect ur fellow food-handlers and either keep running or start :)