Thursday, June 11, 2009

A day in the Life


Well, if you are reading this, I thank you and extend my hand in friendship...haha. Okay, so i'm not really sure what direction I will be taking this blog, but I thought I'd throw my crazy thoughts, ideas, and experiences into cyberspace and hopefully if nothing else provide a little entertainment to whoever ends up reading.

I guess we can start with a little background info...I absolutely luv to run and do art and read a lot. I've got a variety of interests, and I'm sure more will pop up as I continue this little on-going 'project'. I've got the coolest younger sibs (2 bro's and a sis) who rock and continually amaze me in every way. Right now my days generally consist of being a slave to one Quizno's Subs, and I serve up those torepedo's with the best of them. (yes, they are toasty, but in all honesty I'm more of a Subway fan myself) I actually only started working there about 2 months ago, and after having to leave my last job, fell head-long into the wonderful world of food service. I honestly can't believe how rude or just plain inconsiderate people can be, and sometimes think to myself, "is this person for real!" You gotta love those customers that eat practically all their sandwhich, then want a refund because us idiots made such a sub-standard meal...god forbid in this current economy someone not get absolutely EVERY CENT worth of the $4 thing they ordered, they better have had a life-fullfilling meal served to forgets that it is only casual/fast-food they came into, not a cafe in makes me laugh after the initial pissed-offness wears off. but hey, it does add some fun entertainment to an otherwise mundane day.

My day starts off with my regular run (i've been a weenie lately and been sticking to the Treadmill. i'm a wee bit anal as to knowing exactly how far and at what pace i'm going, so i like being able to control that...hehe) and catching up on the latest world going-on's with our good Today Show friends in Matt, Al, Meradith and posse. I'm not too good at keeping up on current events or reading the paper, so in an effort to not be completely ignorant of what's happening in the country or around the world this is my attempt to keep somewhat up to date, and the show does add the usual 'fluff' to keep things interesting (i would never be able to stick to something as hard core newsy as CNN and the like) and I do get a dose of 'celebrity sleeze' every now and then. (yes, i'm an admitted trashy mag addict!)

Well, when that's all done, I am usually rushing around, with the whole shower thing and throwing down my bowl of cereal, then off to my lovely Quizno's. After too many hours go by I'm released...but i'll add in more fun stories and such later. Luckily my co-workers are pretty cool on the whole (minus the 66 year-old chick i like to refer to as the Quizno Nazi, as she has to have EVERYTHING her way...and speaks a mile a minute with this thick accent which i can never understand). Get home, make sure by awesome cat has his food bowl full, then wind up wasting the rest of the day either reading, watching some tv, or losing astounding amounts of minutes aimlessly online. (i swear there must be some kind of facebook time warp where time passes much faster than in the real world!)

Okay, well, i know, this has all been soooo exciting, but i promise later posts should continue to delight and entertain more, i'm just starting after all! Just wanted to give a little background for future referances i suppose. i'm gonna try to post up some of my art stuff and writing escapades as well, so maybe i can get some feedback and definitly check back people! I've got TONS of crazy stories and whatnot, as if i may say so myself I've packed a lot of crazy skrewed up funny stuff into my mere 23 years on this big round more later!

Until then, respect ur fellow food-handlers and either keep running or start :)


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