Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Beware of Creepers!

Welcome back, friends. so today, was my only day off this week, so i had a beautiful time running all the errands i needed to get done for the week...nothing like a good winco and costco run to make a day complete, rite!?!? hehe. well, gosh, i swear i don't know where all the time goes, cuz here it is like 6 pm and what have i really accomplished all day?? well, i did start writing this new idea i have for a fiction story, so that's cool, and i got some art supplies...and here are some pix of some of my other stuff. trolling around on the internet killed some time, and checking up on some running related stuff, and of course feeding my little facebook addiction...haha. quite interesting, i know.

lets see, so i actually found this link for a story in the paper,, and am really contemplating testing this sucker out. i mean, i'm kinda leary of all those stupid get rich quick claims, but this is in the national media, and google isn't some little po-dunk company, but again, i don't wanna just be an idiot and wind up falling sucker to some scam. has anyone tried this one?? i'm not gonna lie, it would be freakin SWEET to work from the comp. and be able to quit the Quizzy job...well, we'll see.

not anything really new in the world, but i will mention that there is a funny little world here in my apartment complexes...and we have some definite characters. there is the lady who has this blue VW van and fills the whole back portion of it with these catci. then, she always parks the damn car in the same spot, pops the trunk portion out, and suns her little 'pets' and even sets them all arranged in some certain order in the parking lot around her spot. she even has names for them all, and has been seen talking to them. once, i parked my car a few spots down from hers, and she gave me the evilest look as i passed by, making sure i didn't get too close to her babies and kept a good amount of distance away.

then, there is my personal favorite creeper that is the old senile man that wanders the hall in a suit and hat, the same suit, mittens, and hat mind you, every single day. when he's not aimlessly roaming around, he'll sit in the laundry room, or stand sentry-style at the doorway to the complex, just staring out at the parking lot, or some unknown space beyond. i'm not adverse to people doing their own thing and couldn't care less, except he's done a few weird things to kinda just send off a creepy vibe. he's a real close talked and every time i walk by, has to say my name in a shaky and crackly voice, and add a throughout chuckle. he used to kinda stalk me, but since he once pulled out a picture book bible and pointed out the picture of one of the angels that he thinks i look like, i've tried harder to kinda keep a distance, or not really engage in conversations. then there was the nite i went to pick up my laundry at like 11pm, and as i'm walking down the hall, i hear the water running in the room. nothing too unusual there, but when i get in, i see him hunched over the sink using a white plastic spoon to ladle water into his mouth. when he noticed me, he just said hi in his weird way, and sat down in his chair, resumed reading a book, and acted like nothing was askew. it does make me feel kinda sad on a level, because he's lonely, but he is sorta scary. i just really hope in my old age, i don't end up alone and does make you think, and it actually scares me. i wonder what his life has been and what has lead him to this outcome, and if he has any family or whatnot.

okay, well, enough rambling, and nothing really new to report, so i guess i'm off to get some grubbage!! take care and beware of laundry room lurkers in the nite!!

Spunkychick out!

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