Monday, June 29, 2009

Hitting Those Mean Employment Streets

hola and welcome back if ur still reading :) well, so let's i have been loath to get out there hitting those mean streets again submitting resume after resume only to be rejected by the usual, "sorry, we're not hiring", i've been doing some writing and researching how to possibly do some free-lance writing stuff...unfortunately, i'm a bit overwhelmed with all the stuff i've been reading and wish i had someone to actually TALK to and help me navigate! if anyone has any insight/tips/etc. it would be MUCH appreciated! however, i had promised myself that by Monday i'd start taking a cold hard look at the beautiful world that is getting employed! ugh...last time it was literally 6 weeks of going out to practically anywhere i thought i could get hired, phone calls, resume filling out til my hand could fill out my stat's on autopilot!! the end resulted in aimless driving around in search of possibilities that may appear on the road. got some really good ones that way...haha. stepped into one Mexican restaurant that was prolly just family owned and felt a bit ridiculous since the most Spanish i used thru high school was, "no se." then the Indian restaurant that the guy couldn't even understand what i was saying when i asked if they were hiring, took me about three times trying to explain what i was asking and i was not in fact, looking for a table. my personal favorite was the manager at the restaurant, when i handed him the application and asked if they were hiring he laughed, "oh no, not now, we are having a tough time in this market as it is. i'll be it's really tough to find a job out there today. god, i sure am glad i don't have to worry about that!" HAHAHA. ummm, that was nice, sir, and i responded, "well, thanks, throw a little salt in the wound, man." i guess he kinda felt bad, cuz he mumbled some sort of apology along with saying he'd give me a call back if something popped up. uhhh, yea, and of course nothing did. i really do feel bad for all those unemployed people out there, i can only imagine how stressful it would be if i had to support a family. i heard that in Las Vegas they are having full-on stripper conventions just to 'school' all these women who are turning to the industry to keep food on the tables for their kids. unfortunately for me, i don't think a negative AA bra would be much of a draw in that regard! hehe. in the news, they are saying that starting your own business really is the way to go, but i'm not exactly sure what kinda business they would be talking about. i mean, selling things would def. be hard in these tight times, and i can't really think of what kind of service would be really successful. i just ran into a old co-worker who is finishing a class and will be starting a welding business. i wonder how successful that could be?? he was saying that it's just better to be reliant on urself and not worrying about someone above u being an idiot and causing business to tank and go under...hmm, i could relate to that!!
oh, well, i guess with my current situation, i'm gonna be getting my tired butt back out there begging and pleading for a maybe i'll get lucky, or at least not laughed at when i ask for an application! haha!!
Spunkychick out!

PS--i know that with all of the recent deaths in Hollywood, Micheal Jackson has stolen most of the spotlight from the others. i'm sure of course u are aware of the sad loss of Farrah as well, she has at least gotten a share of tributes...but the real tragedy goes to Billy Mays! no longer will his presence be gracing those wee morning hours of infomercial haven, hawking 24 hour energy, or shouting his products at the top of his lungs. for this reason may we hold our Oxi-Clean just a bit closer to our hearts. (ok, i know he wasn't the one who sold Shamwow, but i figured it kinda fit in the general genre, so that's the reason for the lil cartoon up top. of course the Shamwow guy has his own problems to deal with! hehe)

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