Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bankrupt? Fired? What, r u kidding me?!?!

ARRRGGG!! so, as much as i detested and complained about my little sandwich shop gig, i'm PISSED to announce, that now i am currently...dun da daaaaaaaa...UNEMPLOYED!!!! okay, so the managers calls this staff meeting on sunday morning, and we all figure it is going to be about the little twirp who has been annoying the crap out of everyone. bossing me around, taking FOREVER to make sandwiches and holding up the line, annoying customers, etc....and we are all blown away when he starts, "first i wanted to say that this is the best crew i've had and wanted to thank you all for your incredible work. well, unfortunately, that's where the good news ends. as of this wednesday, we are going to be closing the store." WTF?!?!? and i'm thinking, wednesday in like three days?? and yes, i was correct...so thank you for the freaking head's up....NOT! so, now i have one more day of work (i didn't even want to show up at all, but i feel bad jilting my co workers) and then i'm cut loose to go roam the streets once again to look for a job. mind you, it took me 6 weeks to even get that damn Quizno's job, as no one is hiring right now. plus, with summer underway, there are tons of students who just got jobs and so there arent' even going to be those openings that might have been available....ugh. i'm stressing out, and have no clue as to what i'm going to do. i guess it just goes to show that u should be thankful for anything you do have, in the way of a job.

well, i guess that will give me plenty of time to work on my art and writing, but i know that is by no means a source of income for me as i have yet to even start traveling down a road to getting any type of income that way. i mean, i'm not that good at the art, not nearly enough to be an 'artist' and have yet to be published, so i'm stressing as to how the heck i'm gonna get any money!! yipes!! as far as getting my story to publishers, i know that's crazy hard to do without an agent (of course i don't have) and looking at the steps online, i'm a bit overwhelmed and defeated, as it is like a slim to none chance of breaking in without any connections, same goes for art world. i just don't know what i want to do with my life, i do want to try to do something that would make me happy, but don't know where to start...ugh again.

well, so i guess this will be short, as i have really nothing fun to report, and am stressed. my best wishes to all u out there in the cyberworld that are also without job and freaking, and for those of u that do have one, be grateful, even if it is a shitty situation!

Moneyless Spunkygirl

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