Friday, June 26, 2009

C'mon People, Let's Make a Change...

Hello again...soooo, i got a bee up my butt today and was reminded of a certain topic that hits a topic i feel pretty strongly about. that is how crazy the way the US is about this whole obesity/lazy/looking for a short-cut attitude and just the general disconnect that's been sorta created thru all the latest technology stuff. i didn't really expect to come up with a little rant so long, but just sat down and started typing, and this is what came out. it's a little opinion piece, and just sorta thought i'd add it.

In a culture centered around technology, computers, and advancement, we are leading the way in improving communications, reducing time spend idly waiting for responses before taking action, and seemingly pushing the boundaries of virtually all perceived limitations. Today it is no longer the self justified ‘important’ people in the world of upper end business seen strolling the streets with a cell phone earpiece imbedded in their ear and busily chatting away. Only a few years ago the site of a person walking down the street mumbling to oneself would cause any fellow passerby’s to walk a little wider and avoid this obviously crazy person talking to himself; yet today we can generally and safely assume that they are simply engrossed in a conversation with someone that is in fact real and on the other line.

Blackberries, iPhones, and the like have become almost permanent extensions of many people’s arms, and I challenge anyone to enter one of the multiple Starbucks or corner coffee shops, wait in line for a drink, and not hear at least five different ring tones in that interval. Along with our fast paced world, where we must constantly strive to cram in as much as humanly possible in our mere 24 hour days, it seems that we are forever on the lookout for any aide or crutch to help us keep pace. Guzzling espresso after espresso, venti, late, or whatever (the drinks some people rattle off could almost qualify as a new Frapachino-injected language), taking hits off of energy drinks that claim to give you a lift for hours after only four small drops, miracle pills that will shed flab and grant you that Adonis-like body without having to actually commit any time in the gym and allow you to never miss a beat in your busy life, it seems that while Americans have no problem pushing themselves to accomplish things to further their economic profits, repertoire, or resume, they are always on the look-out for the quick-fix or easy way out of everything else.

Things that used to bring enjoyment, walks with the family after dinner, preparing delicious meals at home, or going out for a bike ride just for the pleasure and endorphin rush it brings, are being replaced by rushed car rides to the nearest drive-thru, hopping from one meeting or activity to the next until finally at night, when we drag ourselves dog-tired and ragged to the seat in front of the television, at which point we delude our minds with the often ridiculous, if not embarrassingly moronic line-up of reality shows in an effort to ‘relax’ and take our minds off of our own worries, problems, or troubles that ultimately wait for us the next day. It’s almost as if we are on a revolving hamster wheel that reaches warp speed all day, and the only respite comes when the little magic LCD Plasma screen digitally brings us our HDTV.

It’s no wonder that while, yes we have accomplished so many wonderful things, developments from science that should have belonged only in Sci-Fi novels, cured a plethora of diseases, and explored space’s outer limits, we have digressed socially, environmentally, and let the general upkeep and care of our bodies decline. We look up to, admire, and hope to emulate great thinkers, politicians, movie stars and the like, yet usually disregard anything they do outside of their select area of expertise. We excuse often appalling behavior, as long as they continue to produce, ‘do their thing’, play their game, or make their millions. It’s okay for said ‘role models’ to participate in things illegal for any other common member of society, as long as they either don’t get caught, apologize for their mistake and tell us how they’ve learned their lesson, or offer up one plausible alibi after the other and save face.

Having children left at home to spend hours becoming fixtures to the couch or computer consols is perfectly acceptable: neglecting any physical activity, face to face human contact (that’s what social media sites are for after all!), gorging on day-glo colored snacks. We then appear dumb-struck and perplexed at the soaring obesity rates, soaring heart related health problem statistics, and pledge to find the roots to these problems; looking of course to the easiest possible remedies in fabled pills or magic patches. We fail to acknowledge, or perhaps simply refuse to recognize, the most blatantly obvious reasons glaring us in the face. Yet, once the information, suggestions, and common sense guidelines are issued forth to the public, they often go ignored or viewed as too inconvenient to do anything about. Many simply just don’t want to put in the effort to correct most of these problems, see that it’s too much work or too hard, and would rather concentrate on the truly important things such as finding out who will be voted off the next episode of a show, updating their blog, or earning that extra dollar.

However, what will any of that really be worth, if we continue down this path and either die of cardiac arrest, have no ‘time’ for actual friendships or relationships, and have the only contact with our kids be via text message? We can view other less technically evolved cultures as lesser, unrefined, or ignorant, yet some of them are much richer than us, just not in monetary value. They may not have cured cancer but they have a strong family and community unit of which to share their lives. They may not be able to instantly send an email or twitter a message to someone, but they can simply walk out their door and pay a visit to that person to their face. They may not be able to have a pizza delivered in under 30 minutes while being able to finish up that last bit of work without having to worry about dinner, but they can make a meal the ‘old fashioned way’, have the pleasure of sitting down and engaging in a conversation with their family, and nourishing their bodies with foods you don’t need a dictionary to decipher all of the ingredients in it.

While there are some things that are invaluable and truly epic that have been generated out of our ever-expanding culture and remarkable technology, we have lost many littler things along the way. Hopefully, we can turn things around or simply begin to find a balance, and apply the same avid work ethic driving business and science and channeling it into improving our selves, lifestyles, and habits as well. The problems ailing us today are of course a combination of things only research and further knowledge can cure, but a portion of heart related afflictions, basic general health and fitness, crime rates, depression rates, homicides, suicides, and simply a slip in positive enriching relationships can be solved with the end of seeking those ‘quick fixes’ and actually carving out the time in our days and lives to make the positive changes. Yes, at times it may seem like too much work, a bother, or not worth it, but in the end the rewards will come and ultimately make for a better person, community, society, and country.

okay, so i guess, i just think it's sorta scary/sad how kids are getting so lazy and people act so dumbfounded as to why things are getting so bad. newho, hope i didn't annoy anyone, but newayz...i think i'll just start posting some stuff i've been writing lately; got a couple poems i'm working on and other little opinion stuff. hope u'll come back!

take care guys and hope u all have jobs!!

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