Friday, September 4, 2009

New Blog For My Poor @** :)

hello again! well, let's see wat's going down in this sida town :P okay, well, i'm going to go out on a limb here and maybe peg myself as a complete DORK...but those of u who know me, prolly have already figured that out! haha. So, i light of these dark economic times, i've been dabbling in random stuff online and actually found a couple of cool little sites that will pay u (not a TON of money by any means, but it adds up..haha) for doing certain little things. like u can fill out quizzes, or just view ads and click thru them. so, i actually set up a little blog devoted just to what i'm doing on there. now, i only started the blog yesterday, so it's not all 'nice and purdy' yet, but feel free to check it out, maybe u can find some spare change dropped in ur paypal acct. too :) the stuff actually does pay out, and so, if ur bored online, something to do...but here's my blog there:

Girl Needs Cash

as for the life of this chick, did a track workout today, and these stupid gnats kept flying in my eyes, mouth, nose, etc. and it was annoying...haha. well, not as annoying as the burning in my legs, so maybe it was a nice distraction!! :)

okay, and for some GOOD news, lord knows i need some of that, got 2 replies from people i emailed from CL postings for writers they were seeking for random stuff. now, this is nothing to pump the fists about yet, cuz i get the replies before but they end up picking someone else of bail out. but, i need a pick-me-up today, so i'm gonna be a little happy...okay?!?! hehe.

okay, well i'm off to work on some stuff...take care friends!!


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