Monday, August 31, 2009

On to New Ventures

Hello my friends...hopefully you're still out there :) well, this week has been sort of crazy...I've decided to leave that dead-beat old job and boss to boot and more on to (hopefully, fingers crossed!) greener pastures. But, one never knows I guess, especially these days! So it's back to trolling for online writing gigs, and again, keeping my fingers crossed there. I'm really sad how things turned out with the Track gig, as I do love running and could talk about it FOREVER!! Actually, on that note, I hope everyone is aware by now that one Mr. Dathan Ritzenhein has set a new American Record for the 5k!! He broke Bob Kennedy's mark that stood for 13 loooong years, and with his 12:56, placed third out of an entirely African field. Bekele won the race, but Dathan proves that Americans shouldn't count themselves out of distance races and can be competitive with the Kenyans and Ethiopians! Actually it also just further proves how freaking AMAZING Alberto Salazar is as a coach. He just started coaching Dathan about 6 weeks ago, and already had huge success not only in this race, but in the World Champs 10k. Especially considering that Dathan had assumed his success would come in the way of the Marathon.

Anywho, lets see, not much else crazy or earth shattering I suppose. Been doing a lil' doodling, but nothing crazy good. Keep your good thoughts for me in mind as I desperately seek employment!! Crikey!! :)



  1. Good luck! I've been working on writing a children book for my niece for her birthday that's coming up soon.

  2. hey there! thanks for the well wishes, they're needed :) how did ur summer turn out? fun trips?? ne word from agents?? yea, i like writing fun stories for my fam. and friends...i like drawing and cartooning too, so little kids books are always fun projects! :)