Saturday, August 1, 2009

Go Away Mr. Sun...

Well my friends, i hope you haven't abandoned me completely! haha...jk. well, i'm back and here for another quick update. well, let's see what this chick has been up to. for one, i've been DYING in this disgusting heat wave that has hit...the last week we have been above 90 degrees, making some new record there, but the worst were 3 days in a row at like 107!! yikes! okay, and so since lots of people have to AC, it's been brutal to say the least! these little baby fans just aren't doing it, i tell you! then, on the news they say that there has been sooo much demand for fans and AC units, that every store is sold out, and the shipments that come in the mornings are being cleared out in the style of the late 'Tickle-me Elmo' craze! i can just see brawls and fights breaking out between sweaty irate customers over the last swivel fan...haha. well, thank goodness that it seems (or so they say, but really, what do the weathermen really know, huh?!?!) that the worst has passed, and by next week, back to the blessed 80's, which in perspective is so much cooler, but still what used to feel hot. it's a sad day when i'm thankful to be 'only' in the upper 90's :( well, it just didn't make it too fun running-wise to say the least. good news though, is i did have a good tempo run yesterday and was happy to have gone the fastest yet...we'll see how this little experiment

i've been doing something kinda fun too, there's this new site that's going to be offering a ton of quizzes to take and get scored, and they want everything from personality tests to random trivia, and i've been writing a lot for them. it's been fun to come up with random stuff, and they pay you ten bucks for every quiz they accept, yea, not a gold-mine, but it feels like a little 'found cash' and maybe i could buy some little treat or such...haha.

well, i'm off to do some errands, hope you're all doing well, and not punching out a neighbor for their desk fan! they have found that extreme heat causes people to be more apt to being in nasty watch out!

Spunkcyhick out!


  1. Just stumbled upon your blog... had to comment on your heat wave--at least it feels like summer for you! In my neck of the woods, we've been having pretty mild no-sunshine-to-be-found days. Summer feels pretty nonexistent, which is sad cause it's one of my favorite seasons. Hope you're staying cool!

  2. haha...glad u found me :) true, i shouldn't be trashing mr. sunshine too badly, but i actually prefer a cooler summer and don't mind a bit of dreary's better running weather! i'm sorry u are missing ur fav. season, if i could send the joy of a few nasty sweltering 110 days to you, i would!