Sunday, August 23, 2009

A little venting...a little running :)

Oh me oh my...well, I feel like i'm at a turning point, or sort of stuck in a goopy glob of mud! i'm stuck between a go-nowhere sort of position in regards to this job and don't see that it will ever really pan out. i think the guy who was starting the business had no idea what it truly was going to take, had insufficient planning, networking, etc. and is in no position to actually start up. his website looks like crap, and as it is the main platform of his business, it doesn't look too promising in the way of success. it is really frustrating, as i put so much time and effort into my sector of the business, yet it all looks as if it's going down the tubes. i had written a lot of not only marketing stuff (fliers, brochures, etc.) reached out to lots of people, and started a blog and writing track and field related articles there, but without this boss holding up his end of the deal, there will be no business. so here i am out another couple months without seeing anything in the way of compensation, and back into the wide world of job market seeking...cripes. well, i would really like to somehow parlay all the articles or information i had amassed for this last venture into something profitable, perhaps starting to write for a track website, but i'm not sure if there is an opening, and crossing my fingers that something might work out there. but as i'm not sure, it kinda scares me because if nothing is there, i'm not sure what i should be doing...i feel lazy not getting out there and making money! i'm hoping i will hear back from a few people tomorrow, but i soooo fell sorta stuck in limbo. gosh, it sure is tough trying to do freelance writing stuff, you send out all these responses and/or queries to people and hardly hear back! well, that could be because maybe i'm just not so good, and that's my problem i guess! ugh.

oh well, as far as that goes, i'm gonna stick a fork in it and just try to push it outta my mind. had a good long run today, went to a new place (of course got lost getting there...thanks a lot Google maps...NOT!) but met up with a new group and they were all really nice and hopefully i'll be able to meet up with them again. of course the guys are way faster and since they were doing a sorta tempo workout, they left me in the dust after a few miles in, but it was fun to have company and i was able to push to keep them in sight, and that made it a good workout for me...haha...aaah, the joy of falling off the pack and being pooped out the end! but it's a good goal to try to get faster so as to stick with them longer before being dropped!

tons of people out on the bike trail today, lots of people walking dogs, which is usually fine, but it bugs me when they let their dog lunge at you and don't do anything about it...aarg. the other annoying thing that people do, which i feel kinda bad bitching about because they are doing trying to be nice, but when they make stupid comments like, "wow, you're going at a good pace" or "great stride!", it's so cheesy. the funniest thing was when i was literally jogging my warm-up on the track and when i pass these two walkers, they literally start clapping their hands and cheering for me because i ran a whole lap around the track. i feel mean saying it, but it's like, okay, it's one lap and please don't clap, cuz i've got like tons of laps to do way faster than i'm going now, and for gosh-sakes don't applaud a warm-up! oh well, i guess they think their are being inspirational or what not, but it's like, come on people! oh well, at least they are nice enough to stay outta lane one!!

okay folks, gotta go!

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