Friday, August 14, 2009

Bosses Suck!

hello my friends, and sorry to have neglected you for so long :/ This chick has been tied up with one never ending set of problems or another! But aren't we all, right?!? Arrrggg, i'm currently about to strangle this new boss of mine (don't fret, i'm not actually homicidal, only a fantasy!..haha), who keeps coming up with one excuse of another as to why he isn't doing his part to get things done...yada yada yada. he's one of those people who literally talks in loops and loops, basically repeating his same sorry excuses but desperately seeking new ways to phrase them. i finally was at my breaking point and thinking that he will never really come through with up keeping his end of the promises of helping build this new position (it's a new company and starting up, and i've been having a big hand in creating the track and field area of the business, and he oversees all the sports in general) and i've been working my @$$ off to get content, interviews, info. up on my part of the business, making brochures, fliers, etc., putting the word out there and generating a 'buzz' so to speak to let people, coaches, and athletes, know about what's going on, and he hasn't come through with ANYTHING he promised. so when i finally voiced the fact that he isn't being honest or keeping me updated (he took the liberty of deleting my entire email inbox without warning me, then asks, "i hope you didn't have anything in there that you won't be able to get back..rite?) i was obviously upset. then he has the gall to be like, "whoa whoa whoa, baby you have it all wrong!" (excuse me, did he just call me baby?!?! wtf?!?) needless to say, i'm not having much faith in said idiot, and have been working everything on my end, but seeing no results as he is supposed to be keeping his end up, creating a website, etc. where i am sending these kids, but when they go there there isn't anything to look at! (when he promises me that he's put up wat i asked him to and fixed certain things, of course it's never done) so i end up looking like an idiot and then lose credibility...ugh! i'm sticking it out, but it's hard to have faith in something when all you come up with are empty promises...sigh. okay, enough of my little ranting...arggg.

i gotta go work on some more stuff, hopefully with a hope and a prayer said boss will pull thru ?? yea, and the moon is made of cheese!! (hopefully cheddar! :O)


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