Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Pick

egads...sorry to have let the blog slip a bit! i've been busily working on one thing or another and before you know it time flies by! where exactly all the time goes seems to be a bit of a mystery as when i think back i draw a bit of a blank...haha. then i try to think of what exactly i have accomplished and again it's like staring inot a black hole...ugh! okay, well, i have been working on one thing or another and so to bring it back to the point...sorry for neglecting my friendlies :)

anyways, so today i was both disgusted and appalled to be sitting at a stoplight, and turning to my right only to bear witness to one of the cardinal sins of driving: picking your schnoz! this old lady was really going after it (think at least second knuckle!) and it wasn't a quick pick either. she was swirling the digit around for quite some time, and the grossest thing was her geriatric hubby was sitting passenger side eating ice cream! well, i for one would have lost my appetite, but apparently he had lost no such zeal and kept licking away! i actually was staring at her with a disgusted look, hoping she would turn to me and then i could just gawk to let her know i bear witness to her little deed! but no luck, light turns green and life moves forward!

and so we all must forge onward and upward (hopefully not upward into your nasal passages, however!) and onto the next day! hope u are all enjoying ur weekend and toting ur faithful tissues shall the mood strike u for a pick! :)


  1. Hmm, this is very Seinfeld. Think there was an episode called 'The Pick' if I remember correctly, though in this case someone was mistaken in thinking Jerry was picking when in fact he was scratching. Anyway, nice blogging. Check out mine on my dating disasters when you get a min:

  2. you are correct my friend! I am a bonafide Seinfeld freak...i'm glad you caught the reference!! :) thanks for the comment and u've got some funny posts urself!

  3. LMAOOOO Don't think I laughed that hard all day.. hahaha... this post was sooo disgusting yet I couldn't stop reading lol. You really have a thang for writing you know that.. I hope you stick with it cuz you'd do great! :)

    Take care kiddo and best wishes for 2010!

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