Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Busy with Stuff...

hey hey my friends,
sorry of my lapse the past few days...i'm actually been kinda busy, which hopefully is a good thing, as i've been trying to get some work drummed up!! :) i've been dipping my feet into the freelance writing biz, and seeing what i can do there. i've been able to do a few things, but it's tough starting out, as i don't have much in the way of a writing resume to put out there...haha, and thus as it's hard to get jobs without prev. works, it in turn makes it hard to get a resume, and u see that fun little circle it creates...haha. but i've been thinking 'small' and hopefully by doing little things here and there, i'll get better, gain experience, and maybe get more down the road.

soooooo...let's see...i'm also happy cuz i got a lot done on that second book i was working on. got a bit OCD'ish and got out the rough copy, it ended up being 57,000 words, which for ME was a lot, and the longest thing i've ever written. after i got thru it, i took a huge gasp of breath and now i kno i've gotta go back thru it all and add/change/delete/tweak/etc. so by no means am i done...haha.

la de da...oh, and i was happy with my tempo run yesterday, was able to go 34 seconds faster than last week :) i hope i can keep improving at least a lil each week, and hopefully my fitness will get to some respectable level again...haha. looks like i will probably be forced to do those darn 200's tomorrow, so wish me luck...hehe.

well, time for the weekly run to the grocery, i better get going, so people, i hope ur all enjoying ur summer, and keep ur fingers crossed for me in the way of getting some income...haha!


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