Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th

"Things got awkward at the 'Barbie Dream House' when
the newly released Pamela Anderson doll moved in!"

HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!! hope everyone has a fun day and doesn't blow off any body parts! where i live they don't have that many crazy cool fireworks, since we've got lots of trees and such, so i don't expect to be seeing anything too exciting, but that's okay. i can only imagine some the crazy stuff that states like Texas have. i remember visiting there with my mom, and we'd be driving down the freeway in our pathetic little PT Cruiser that had not get-up and go, and there would be trucks literally BLOWING by us going well over 100mph, they MOVE in Texas!! but,i digress, we'd see these HUGE warehouses selling fireworks, and i hear there is everything short of rockets being shot off all around there! that would be cool, but knowing me, i'd end up getting my eyebrows singed off or something. i was always the loser kid who ended up getting sparks shot on me and little embers from the little i think it's prolly for the best i won't be handling fire :)

okay, and it's disgustingly hot here...ugh. well, okay, even if the temp. isn't in the triple digits, for this area we're way above normal, and my apt. doens't have any air conditioning!!!'s pretty nasty. i'm sitting here with the fan blowing directly on me, and my cat's all irritable cuz he's so hot too. it's not fun waking up in the middle of the nite in a sea of ur own sweat! i feel like i should be slathering on a second dose of deodorant in the middle of the nite!! ugh...oh well.

sooooo, let's see, what i've been up to...well, trying to make this lil' blog of my purdy. i'm not the most computer savvy person, and am embarrassingly new at all this, so bear with me...i'm trying to get some stuff going! doing some writing, and running. i actually had a really good run (for me at least in my pathetically out of shape form!) and did a lil experiment and attempted a tempo run. like the first one prolly since last year, no joke...i mean, yea i run everyday but usually just at a comfy pace, but it felt good to go harder.

well, i'm out...but on the subject of working out and as i went to the gym to lift weights yesterday, i thought it'd be funny to share all the crazy gym people that seem to be in every gym. there was of course the man in luv with himself, who was literally lifting his shirt up to check out his six-pack after EVERY set of ab work he'd do. he was rubbing his stomach more than pregnant mother's do! then, the guy who has his iPod on, and would sparatically start belting out lyrics. and i mean, he'd do it loudly; it actually startled me in the middle of a few of my sets. but he's not as annoying as the dude who needs to grunt like a gorilla giving birth at the end of his reps. he would get to the end of his set, hoisting those huge ass weights then start to 'psyching himself up' and groaning and yelling until his last one and then literally drop the weights and send them crashing and banging on the ground. and my personal fav. lady is the one who looked like she stepped out of the miss America pageant, workout wear section of the contest. she's got more makeup caked on her than barbie, a sick shade of orange from her tanning lotion, her little bootie shorts, and she's on the StairMaster at like speed one, and doing her best not to sweat too much, god forbid her mascara run. it's always fun to spy around at the gym and see all these crazies in their own element!! okay well i'll talk to u guys later, and please keep coming back and spread the word to get some more people to come stop by and say hello!!


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