Friday, July 17, 2009

My legs are tired...

And I'm back...

Well, I'm actually pretty tired cuz I did an 800 repeat workout that kicked my butt...and has since left my stomach gurgly...ugh. haha...oh well. newayz, not too much going on. my days have started to slip into a new routine of checking for postings for any writers needed and sending out e-mails. i found a fun one yesterday and submitted a humor post for these fake classified ad's this website is putting up. i heard back that they liked my submission, so hopefully it'll go up soon and i'll provide a link so you guys can read it too. and on Tuesday, one of the articles i wrote for a fellow blogger will be posted, and again i will provide that link for any interested parties :)

since nothing too incredibly exciting has gone on today, i thought i'd share a funny little story from a few months back, when i had to *ugh* go to stupid DMV to renew my tags. well, of course nothing but the finest America has to offer work at the DMV, and there are quite a few 'dandies' waiting in line as well, so there is always something curious afoot. well, while this one hellion of a child was running amok, pushing things over and such, he actually ripped off a plastic rod from the wall and so the mom picks it up and goes to turn it into one of the people behind the front counter and is like, "this is your guys'." she says it totally unaffected, ignoring the fact that her brat of a child has gone back to jumping on stuff, and doesn't even apologize. and then parents wonder why they have kids who are out of control and never listen to them! well, trying to ignore the screams and yells from said nasty child, my attention is drawn to a man standing at a different window at the counter. he has something wrong with his leg, and a severe limp, and his can is propped-up next to him. at the the moment he is in the process of going through an eye exam, and incorrectly 'identifying' one of the letters. in my mind, i'm sure that he is going to get his license renewal 'denied' as it rightfully should, and anticipate as to how he is going to react...could there possibly be a nasty scene about to unfold?!! well, to my utter horror and amazement, it is a dastardly scene none the less, but of a different nature so to speak. once the test is done the man behind the counter simply states, "well, sir, you have something going on with that right you go." he then passes the obviously vision-impaired man with a bad leg his new license! the guy getting his license lets out a deep throaty laugh, "yea, i know...HAHA." and then is on his way, probably off to go hit an old woman with his Buick, or some poor kid playing outside on his front lawn! (too bad it probably would end up being some nice, sweet child, and not the one still yelling in the corner!) anyways, i just find it crazy how people that can't identify the letter R from a Z are allowed on the road, i mean, sheesh!

well, that's about it for me, i'm tired and hot (again with these sporadic heat waves!!) and have the fan pointed at my face in an effort to not pitt-out my shirt!

Spunkygirl out!


  1. Sorry I haven't been commenting much. I have been very busy and will continue to be busy for a little while, but I will try and comment when I can. :) Going on a mini vacation again some time in August.

  2. heya! great to hear from worries, i know how it can be when things get busy and hectic and u can't get a chance to get online and such! i've been getting a bit busier myself lately, but hopefully things will slow down for the both of us soon enough...hehe! i hope things with ur sis's husband are working out, i know how crazy/annoying/insane family stuff can be...hang in there! if u ever need to vent feel free...haha...i've always got some funny/neurotic fam stories to share myself ;) have a great vacation and hope to hear from u whenever u get a free chance! :)