Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Just another day...

well...i certainly think we have hit the Micheal Jackson saturation point in the lordy!! it is kinda crazy how much coverage in every way from every angle it is coming. now, i am not going to deny the fact that he definitely made a HUGE contribution to and changed a lot in the music world and i'm not gonna lie: his stuff was AWESOME...billy jean, thriller, etc...but at some point we must stop the madness!! all-day marathon coverage of the memorial, tributes, his face on every gags! it's just kinda crazy how interested people are in every facet of the man's life. special edition footage of inside that crazy Neverland, tracking down every living acquaintance/friend and hounding them for 'secrets,' and wat's actually sad are the people who try to profit off of the whole tragedy, and pimp themselves out for camera time/money/fame to offer some 'juicy' tid-bit to the press. oh well, that'll be the end of my lil' two cents.

newayz...had a good day so far, did my lil' tempo run and actually felt good running it today and was happy i went 33 seconds faster for the five miles than i did on friday :) even better, i haven't been stalked by the creeper man as of late, or had any midnight laundry room encounters :) got in some good writing time, and get to watch a little TBS 'kind of queens.' me likey doug! hehe.

i also noticed that crazy cactus lady has a new addition to her clan. i have yet to find out a name for it, but i will keep u all updated! i swear, if i end up a lonely spinster talking to plants in my old age, just end it for me!!

okay, not much to report today, sorry...


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