Monday, July 6, 2009

*Ahem* i hope i'm not in YOUR way?!?!

okay folks...hope ur all doing well :) so i decided to get my butt out to the track today to do some of my LEAST favorite things: 200 repeats...ugh, too short. and since i have NO SPEED i always feel like a futz out there. i'd much rather just go longer and hold that pace forever, but i know that to get faster u gotta do the short stuff too...ugh. neways, thankfully it's getting cooler outside and i didn't sweat out like 20 pounds :) what i DO think sucks are the people who are completely oblivious of what's going on around them, and just meander through the lanes and into lane one when i'm trying to run by, and then decide to step in front of me RIGHT as i'm close to them, and have to swerve hella wide to avoid a collision! then, they either don't notice that they completely blocked the path, or just don't care and laugh, no apologies necessary i guess...haha. i seriously would like to just full-on not move one time and barrel into them. i saw this one hurdler do that once in a track race when some idiot person walked right into the track mid-race. the racer literally plowed thru the spectator and sent them falling to the was hilarious and felt like runners all over got a little redemption :)

well, okay, so then i was able to get in some good time writing on a new novel idea i've been working on, and i'm really enjoying so far...but we'll see. and so now, i must go out to winco and get some groceries...HURRAY!! days are just so darn fun :)



  1. I would love to hear about this novel idea you have. :)

  2. well...okay, i hope u don't think it's dumb/stupid...yada yada yada. it's about this dancer who looks back at her life and all she gave up and went thru to get where she is today. it opens without the reader really knowing fully what's going on with her, except she's onstage and collapsed. then it goes back and fills in the story from there. i don't wanna bore u with too many details unless ur interested, but i wanted to kinda convey how the dancing was basically her whole life, sacrificed everything for it, and then when she finally gets wat she had been dreaming and working towards the whole time, she meets her goal but has basically killed herself getting there and if she thinks that it was all worth it or not.

    i'm no dancer, but was comp. at track/running, and some of the same things can run parallel, just the dedication, single-minded focus, sub-culture, and stuff i can kinda relate. so while it's not based on a real person, i was able to add some insight into some of the stuff she feels/go thru.

    newayz, i'm enjoying writing it and hopefully it won't turn out too shitty :/ haha. i have a poem and two short stories i finished not too long ago and i may post them. i just get kinda self-conscious cuz i'm not sure if they are that good.'s it going with u?? u said u just finished hs, r u going to college or wat r ur plans??

  3. It's not a bad idea. I wish you luck with it.

    It's going okay. Yeah, I am done with high school. I am taking a year off before going to college because of the economy. I'm going to get a job and save up, then going to go to community college, then transfer. It just makes it a lot easier and I won't have so much debt as I would if I go straight into college without a second thought about where I am going to get the money, etc.

  4. What race do you usually run? I would have killed to only have to run 200s. I (being a sprinter with crappy stamina) was forced into running 400s! WTH!? lol

    Anyways, I'd be interested in reading that poem you wrote :) Don't be so self-conscious about it. There's always something good in a poem, unless you didn't even try lol.

    But seriously, relax. No one's going to tear your head off about it if you post it

  5. hahaha...well, let me explain...i'm actually a long distance runner and avoid sprints like the plague, but did some repeat 200's for a workout to 'hopefully' improve my despicable lack of speed! :P it's pathetic really, i run the stupid 200's at the same pace as my 5 mile tempo runs...ack!! sounds like ur at the opp. end of the spectrum, maybe u stole all my 'fast twitch' muscle fibers :)

    okay, so yea, i'm new to the whole blogging thing and was afraid of being ripped apart and destroyed if my stuff was crappy...haha...jk. no, i actually posted one of the poems and am totally open to feedback and would like any really!

    so r u doing ne races or watnot??