Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cat Barf Should be Immediatly Picked up Please :)

Well hello my possibly existing audience...and if you have returned i thank and greet u warmly :) well, haven't been up to too much since my last post, but mostly just working and doing some art. i'm excited i finished my latest painting and had fun doing it. i'll add some of my other stuff later.

i guess wat's mostly been bugging me lately is this one co-worker who exemplifies one such personality trait that DRIVES ME CRAZY! he constantly has to offer his opinion on anything and everything and he knows the 'best' way to do everything and is a certified expert on all that goes on within our world. he totally reminds me of my uncle...constantly having to remind everyone around of his extensive knowlege on everything from cars to menstral cycles! (i kid u not, my uncle even boasts to know the best tampons!) he's touted his mastering of the bbq craft, but many a times i've had to pretend to go back for seconds and actually chuck the chicken that usualy ranges from chewy and pink to charred and un-chewable! i don't get why these people feel the need to correct everyone around them on stupid, pointless things, just for the sake of showing they know more, or always adding their 'two cents' to every conversation. i hate when they just butt in when they really don't have anything to offer, but just need to be the center of attention and interject.

well, jumping topics, but it brings this funny memory to mind that i find both hilarious and disgusting. so the uncle i was talking about, i had stayed with him and my aunt for a few weeks as a house guest, which was very sweet of them to offer. i really appreciated the roof, but my GOD they are both crazy in neurotic ways, and both so incredibly boring and dull, it actually became sad. they honestly talked of their respective jobs, and that was basically the highlights of their lives. except of course this stupid car my uncle was rebuilding and obsessed with. the good thing was at least between work and toiling in the garage and freakish hours, i didn't have to deal with him constantly dictating to me his encyclopedia of knowledge. anyway, to get back to the point, they have three cats. i luv animals, so no problem there, but for some reason these cats are always puking on the carpet or shitting outside the litter box, with was just gross. well, i'm not gonna lie, puke grosses me out, and i HATE cleaning it up. anyways, my aunt and uncle live in this really nice 2 story house (which my uncle is soooo proud of and literally likes to brag on all the custom shit he put into it and such) and is kept really clean. of course, i was enlisted with some 'tidying' chores and what not to do to repay for letting me stay there, which i had no problem doing to help, as i said, it was sweet of them to house me...but i draw the line at cat puke. so, one day i see this nice pile of yak in the hallway at the top of the stairs directly in front of the entrance to their bedroom. when i notice it, i just pretended not to see it, and since it's like literally in their doorway, i figure they will obviously pick it up. so i go to bed after passing it, and the next morning when i wake up to go downstairs after they'd already left for work, i see that nice little red crusty puke still there. gross, and i KNOW there is no way they could have not seen it, but i think maybe they were in a hurry or whatnot. okay, day goes by, i go to bed, puke still there. day 3, it's still hanging out, encrusted in the carpet, and i notice that when i go to bed that nite, one of the cats must have been playing with it, because chunks of regurgitation have made their way to a few steps at the end of the hall. at this point, i find this a bit funny, and wonder just how long this puke will stay here. Day 4, cats have not spread the chunks to three different steps and the initial puke is spreading out. Day 6, that nite i hear my uncle yell to my aunt, "hey, one of the cats barfed, why didn't u clean it up." (he says it like he just noticed this shit, but that's such a freaking lie...he's so lazy and always bossing my aunt around, which pisses me off, but makes me have no respect for my aunt who just lets herself be a doormat!) at this point i assume the mess must be cleaned up soon. WRONG...it is not until the next nite the crap is removed...my little experiment in watching the sloth of this man sidestep this nasty chore has concluded, and my hypothesis of his being a lazy ass confirmed. okay, well, i know there is not much point to the story, except it blew my mind how they are so meticulous in certain cleaning tasks, but don't mind sidestepping puke for a week...hmmmm, watever.

well, i guess that's it for me tonite, hope u enjoyed my little anecdote, and i hope u will return. i just like finding weird humor in regular situations and find a bit of amusement in the way people act, think, or react to situations, myself included, so i guess that's why i tell certain stories. okay, i'm out to get some food...nite nite!



  1. wow you're so talented! I love your drawings.. they're awesome. :) keep up the great work!

  2. thanks trini! i'm happy i finally got my first comment...haha! u rock for all ur help! :)