Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Wide World of Rejection :)

Well, well, hello my lovelies. i'm not really sure where this little posting will be headed today, but let us get started! well, to be honest, i've actually been working pretty diligently at writing this story i've been thinking about and am happy that i've been able to focus on sitting down and typing away as much as i have been! usually i get a bit ADD with things that are long and ongoing, and truthfully i've always WANTED to write a book, but have been daunted by the epic undertaking it seems. i get impatient knowing that it's not going to be finished, done, finito in a short amount of time and that the satisfaction of a job complete is months, possibly years down the line! i guess in short i kinda get overwhelmed with thinking how many pages and hours it is, and give up before i start! ugh..but u know what, that's NO WAY to do something and so i've set little goals for myself. right now i've decided to try to get in 1,500 words at least a day, and actually i've been able to do a lot more than that as i started writing on Monday and have hit the 10,000 word mark this afternoon. i know i'm gonna be waaaay more busy tho once i (hopefully get a job!!) so i'm trying to get ahead of the game figuring that i won't prolly be able to get in as much as i'd like in the near future.

along that vein, i had finished a 31,000 story not too long ago that i know is rough and needs some definite polishing, and as i've NEVER been published or anything and completely CLUELESS, delved into some hard core research. well, maybe not totally hard core, but i've been a bit overwhelmed with all that stuff and trying to take it bite by bite, but still finding i've bitten off one heck of a hunk of cheese that bigger than i can chew. but i sent out one query letter, and i was bummed that yesterday i got that beautifully automated denial :) haha...not that i didn't expect it, because i did, but still, u know, u hope. so i was thinking that since i'm so new at this, i'd post the letter i sent and would LUV any feedback, tips, and advice on how to improve it, and if u're really in a helpful mood, name any possible publishers to send it to, who you may know/worked with or in the market for that sort of here's the letter i wrote:

Dear (okay i wrote their names here):

I applaud your ‘green attitude’ toward submission queries, and am also a fan of both your site and blog. Having been given a rare opportunity to meet and befriend a diverse array of people through running and my job, I was inspired to write a 31,000 word manuscript entitled An Unsafe Haven, based on the lives of those living in Uganda. From personal stories related to me and additional knowledge collected, I have prepared something I feel would give readers a glimpse into an intriguing and troubled culture.

Growing up in tumultuous Uganda, a young girl is faced with the daunting task of caring for her younger sister and rebuilding their lives after losing her mother, brother, and most of her village to invading Rebel Armies. Cici must navigate her way from being an adolescent and into womanhood both prematurely and without the usual guidance of her mother to look up to. Being handed the sole responsibility of her young sister, whom she loves more dearly than anything else in the world, she views this not as a burden, but as an opportunity to give her young sibling a more sheltered and innocent childhood than she herself was able to experience.

Among the central internal conflicts and struggles of our young heroine, one is able to experience the numerous everyday tragedies, obstacles, and hardships facing the fellow villagers living in Uganda today. One can see the spirit with which these people undertake the sorrows that fill their days and capitalize on the possibilities of however small happiness, that each new day may bring. The dreams, aspirations, and success of a single member of the village can bolster the entire community and feed their souls in the way their meager food supply and belongings ever could.

While there are many different personal stories and paths of each character chronicled, they are all woven together, as life in such a close environment would. Despite the heartbreaking loss of so many lives and homes at the onset of the novel, which is all too common in present day Uganda due to such political unrest and violence, the human spirit works to triumph and once again find peace.

Although I have not yet become a published author, I have competed in scholastic competitions throughout my high school years, and competitions within my school. I am an eager learner and writing enthusiast and enjoy the challenge of improving my work and would be honored to be given your consideration.

Thank you very much for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.



well, folks i lay it on the cutting floor for u to dissect and welcome u to do so!! as i feel this post lacking in the needed humor department, i'll add a little tid bit. my favorite joke as a kid growing up, because i thought it was sooooo 'dirty' at the time, but now it's just lame, but what the heck:

'why did the elephant bring toilet paper to the party?'...

...'because he was a party pooper!!!!'

HAHAHAHA(insert charity laughs here, folks!!) okay, well it was an ongoing joke between my bro and i, and brings back good times....okay, hope ur doing well and at least surviving ur day!



  1. Hey spunkychick. I read through your blog and see you're a writer. There's a lot to do when it comes to writing a query and I wrote my first as well, just waiting to hear back from the literary agents (don't know if that will happen, but will just have to wait and see). For the query, I used AgentQuery ( and P&E (Predator & Editor)'s site ( when it came to writing my query and seeing what was all needed.

    :) I wish you luck with the story you're working on now. My novel is 104,500 words and it took me three years to complete. Good luck though!

  2. Heya i know i commented on ur blog, but thought 'wat the heck' and comment here too :) thanks for the sites, they are very helpful. ya, the one manuscript i 'finished' is not really long enough for a novel, and i'm not sure if it's too long for a short story, and if it's just kinda stuck in 'no man's land' and won't really go anywhere. i will prolly just have to keep working on it; it feels 'done' but is just too short. i'm working on a new project now, and am finding it coming together easier and liking it more; but who knows, it could just really suck! lol.

    wow, so you've worked for three years on your novel, it must feel like ur baby, and i sure hope ur proud of it! i was wondering...u mentioned that you were working on two, and they were both sequels to your first one, Ashes. Did you get that one published? and are you submitting both of your latest novels for publication?? sorry if u already said, i was just a bit confused.

    newayz, keep plugging away at that will come! and i'll work on getting my ADD butt to sit still long enough to pound out some pages :)

  3. Hey, I decided to check to see if anyone else commented (heh, I'm rather nosey xD). Anyway, yeah, it does feel like my baby after working on it for three years, and I'm very proud. Ashes is actually the book I'm trying to get published now. Since I love to write, I decided I would work on two novels that continues it instead of waiting (or I could work on my other book idea of having a psychotic cannibal).

    About your book, it might go under the listing of being a novella. It's shorter than a novel, but longer than a short story. Something to look up. Also continue working on the novel and see if you can add more, take something out and replace it, etc. I have a story about my novel and how it came to be through the three years. I may post about it sometime later.

    Good luck with your book!

  4. haha...i am nosy too and like to re-check comments no worries :) okay, so i understand now. that's actually prolly pretty smart, as when you get Ashes published (yes...WHEN!! :) ) you will be able to already have the other two poised and ready. and i luv the idea about a psychotic far have u gotten with that? i'd like to hear about it.

    the novella category is something i should look at, and i'll def. keep working on it too. i think when i 'finished' it, i got kinda burnt out on it for a bit, and just need to get away from it, and maybe going back with a break and fresh outlook will be good.

    i'd like to hear ur story on how it came to be thru the three years. how long did ur other two novels take to write? it amazes me when i read that some people can literally sit, write, for like 8 hours straight for weeks straight and write their novels in like 2 months, and i feel like a slacker! how often can you stick to it? i can go like two hours straight, but then just wimp out and have to take a break and go back later :/ newayz, gotta go...u still have my ongoing luck...haha..and i'll talk to u later :)

  5. I'm still working on the two novels now. I just wrote 1,086 words last night (4:52 in the morning is when I stopped) for i.l.l. (that's the title for the third book). About a couple of hours ago, I wrote 139 words and took a bit of a break (I need to get working on it again). For the psychotic cannibal, I have about two pages written, if not more. I just have the beginning started where he hears the female voice (she's the voice that makes him eat people) and he's going through a memory of meeting up with a librarian (the book will definitely be more adult, mainly because of the descriptions that are said and the sexual theme that will be in it).

    For writing, it depends. Sometimes I'll get into a writing mood and start writing for a few hours before feeling tired and needing to sleep. Since I've graduated from school (I'm 18), I've had a lot more free time and able to write more often now.